Interoperability in the Cloud

What if getting connections to health data were as simple as asking?  With HealthBus 2.0, that becomes reality with our cloud-platform.  With full HIE capabilities, we can pull, push, and query-retrieve from any data source because our platform complies with all the health transport standards.  No more hosting tools. No more labor to manage VPNs or create connections.  No working through to 3rd parties.  Get access to health data across an entire community.

Real-time Network Analytics

Know what’s going on up to the minute.  With our cloud-analytics, get real-time dashboards, and reports on each connection in your network.  Each facility, each protocol, each feed.  It’s all as simple as point and click.  Even make your own customized reporting, or use our standard reports for MU/MIPS reporting and others.  Spend less time and effort knowing how records are moving across your network.

Commoditized Pricing

HealthBus moves data at scale.  Using our load-balanced cloud architecture, we’ve driven down the price of health data exchange.  Bandwidth pricing means you only pay for what you use.  This also means you can have very sophisticated exchange capabilities – and only pay a fraction of other solution costs.  Shed the complexity and labor costs of operating your own interoperability tools.  With HealthBus cloud service, you get the complete health exchange capabilities at 50% or less of the cost.

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