Data Exchange Comes to Life

Does your health data exchange exceed your expectations and truly make a difference in health care?  Have you heard promises before that haven't been met?  Data exchange by its very nature a community effort.  What we've found is that when members of the community work together as a team, the exchange of data goes beyond just "the data" … it comes alive, grows and provides real value.


What's Your Foundation?

“This community message is a powerful call to action…You wouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation." -- Philip Beckett, CIO at HASA.

Is your foundation built on the promises of a single vendor, or on the concerted efforts of a community?  A community has strength, innovation and tenacity no single vendor can match. No matter what your technology -- it really comes down to people.  We've found when you build interoperability with players working together, you have the strongest foundation.


Constantly Improving

Tired of waiting for the "next release" that will fix things?  Exchange built on community is constantly improving.  When there's a breakdown, the community works together to find solutions without finger pointing.  Sometimes the solution can be quite innovative and surprising.  When the community comes together and exchange truly comes alive, the community naturally wants more -- pushing for improvements. Wouldn't it be great to be part of community where improvement and innovation were just natural?

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