The Era of Cloud-Based Big Health Data Transport is Here!

RosettaHealth's HealthBus, an innovative and secure, SaaS-based big health data transport platform, recently announced that nearly 25 percent of the 46 million DirectTrust network transactions in Q3 2017 were transited on its health data exchange platform. In addition, RosettaHealth is seeing this rate of exchange increasing significantly. During the month of September 2017, nearly 5.5 million Direct messages were sent or received using HealthBus.

Unlike other solutions designed around supporting transitions of care and point-to-point messaging, RosettaHealth’s cloud-based platform helps to commoditize electronic health record exchange. Rather than costly point-to-point connections, RosettaHealth’s HealthBus solution sends and receives any standard-based health events or records at scale using an innovative SaaS approach. This allows the exchange of data over wide geographic areas at a fraction of the cost and effort of traditional methods. Noteably

  • Over 5,000,000+ health records moved per month
  • 50% less cost that other solutions
  • Real-time Analytics: detailed health status, throughput, metrics and logs
  • 100% Connectivity: EHRs, HIEs, eHealth exchange, IHE, HL7, mHealth, VPN, FHIR, Direct
  • Lightening integration in hours

RosettaHealth is used by EHRs, Hospitals, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), payers, digital health apps, Population Health and analytics vendors, enabling efficient, seamless, and secure transportation of data to connect the whole world of healthcare.